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  • I'm a Woman 23 y/o
  • Looking For a Man
  • From
  • My Body-Type Slim
  • My Ethnicity Caucasian
  • My Hair Color Red
  • Favorite Pastime Basketball
  • I Drink Wine Only
  • I Smoke Absolutely not
About me:

I’m Alicia and my sister is KC. We’ve both had ads up before, but this time we decided we might as well just put one up since we’re looking for the same thing. I’m talkative and outgoing, she’s laid-back and very intelligent. I like to be a little wild when she’s more calm. But we’re best friends and I can’t think of anyone I love more. We are looking for a hot man to share with. We love sharing… that goes to cocks as well! So someone who can handle two horny gals with big sex drives and can’t get enough cum to fill us both!