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  • I'm a Woman 37 y/o
  • Looking For a Man
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  • My Body-Type Voluptuous
  • My Ethnicity Caucasian
  • My Hair Color Brunette
  • Favorite Pastime Basketball
  • I Drink Yes
  • I Smoke Yes
About me:

What I am looking for and what I really want to do right now is just have a real life sex date! I know its possible through sites like this. I mean come on apparentely that’s what they are here for right? LOL! I am a bit scared though as I have never done this before and everyone knows the horror stories about it. So I am seeking a man who can comfort me at first. Is nice and friendly to me and sexy to look at. You don’t have to be extremely handsome but we do have to have a level of physical attraction. Soooo… gentlemen, who is in for something real and something better than you ever had? :p Send me a message ’cause I’m waiting for you!