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  • I'm a Woman 36 y/o
  • Looking For a Man
  • From
  • My Body-Type Slim
  • My Ethnicity Caucasian
  • My Hair Color Brunette
  • Favorite Pastime Watching TV Series
  • I Drink When Im in the mood
  • I Smoke Never
About me:

I seek men adventurous enough to meet up with me in a semi-secluded area. Preferrably a woody area… to have awesome kinky outdoors sex! Now that I am finally able to start living out my sexual fantasies I want to experience everytyhing there is. Well maybe not everything but certainlyl a lot as my sex life has been a bit boring if I’m totally honest! And I plan to change all that now and EXPERIENCE SEX AT IT’S FINEST! Most of them are deprived and nasty LOL so regular guys aren’t cut for it… So I’m here online looking for seasoned vets!